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The world’s population is set to grow to 10 billion people by 2050, which increases the likelihood of a massive food shortage. Investments in AgTech and disruption of our food systems are one of the most timely issues facing innovators today. With American populations increasingly moving to urban areas, feeding Americans by bridging the urban-rural divide is an urgently important issue.

Join us on May 23rd as we welcome Beth Ford, President and CEO of Land O’Lakes, who will discuss disruption in the food industry, investments in AgTech, and research recently sponsored by the company to better understand consumer and producer mindsets. Ford will share the experiences of her 30-year career spanning energy at Mobil, food and beverage at PepsiCo., and publishing at Scholastic, culminating at this point, where she is at the helm of solving one of society’s most pressing issues: how will we feed the future?

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