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Juan R. Luciano is Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADM and the recipient of the International Executive of The Year Award 2021. Join us on June 9th as Luciano highlights the company’s transformation into a global powerhouse in human and animal nutrition, specializing in a broad array of food, beverage, health and wellness solutions, from alternative proteins to probiotics and natural flavors. Luciano will dive deep into how the company’s commitments to innovation and sustainability have helped drive business performance amid a global pandemic.  
During the initial phases of COVID-19, Luciano displayed exemplary leadership by prioritizing employee health and safety to successfully guide ADM through a period of significant disruption for the food and beverage industry. As a result of its preparations, ADM’s 800 global facilities have remained in operation and some even recorded record levels of production during the past several months.  
Throughout, Luciano has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to solving global food challenges, whether it be addressing food security issues amid a global pandemic or reducing greenhouse gas emissions as climate change intensifies. His impact within and beyond ADM is helping to move the food industry toward a more accessible, sustainable and ethical future for customers and consumers alike. 
Join The Executives’ Club of Chicago on June 9th for a conversation with Juan Luciano moderated by Paul Polman, Chair and Co-founder, IMAGINE. 

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