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Join the Executives’ Club of Chicago on April 19th as we recognize the 1996 International Executive of the Year, Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Under Eisner’s leadership, the Walt Disney Company has delivered innovative film and movie techniques, blockbuster films, as well as growth for the company. Eisner’s exemplary leadership is evident in the strides the Walt Disney Company has taken in the world of film and media.

The Executives’ Club of Chicago is honored to add Michael Eisner to the list of esteemed executives who display incredible leadership, create an impactful contribution, and company culture, and set a gold standard for the global business community. We invite you to hear from Michael Eisner and celebrate his many achievements.

Members: $99
Non-Members: $159
Table pricing:
Member: $1200
Non-Members: $1800

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