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During the last 20 months, our lives have changed and people have adapted. This experience has shown people to be resilient and has changed the way we access healthcare services. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, telehealth and remote healthcare opportunities became more highly utilized and have emerged to be more prominent in care. While telehealth technology and access may have been new to many patients, the healthcare industry has, for years, been working to make telehealth care accessible.

While patients sought out general practitioner and specialists for their physical healthcare needs, the pandemic, among other emerging news led many to seek tele-mental behavioral mental healthcare options which experienced the greatest increase in virtual healthcare visits.

What does the current landscape of behavioral and mental healthcare look like in the telehealth sector? How are leaders in HR and people-centered roles thinking about their benefit plans to add and encourage employees to care for their behavioral and mental health? The Executives’ Club of Chicago’s Healthcare Forum looks forward to addressing these questions, and more. Join our panelists as they sit down with Laura Sage, CEO and Founder of Chill Anywhere to tackle how you can better take advantage of and provide these telehealth resources.

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