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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum:

When business leaders reflect on a successful start-up launch, attention is often (and rightfully) placed on the ideation, incubation, and funding phases. How visionaries produce their winning idea, think about initial team size, identify funding needs, pitch to investors – these questions often garner great attention amongst the Chicago business community, especially given the regions breadth of incubators. Yet, what happens once the funding has hit, the doors have opened, and start-ups begin to thrive? This stage of the entrepreneurial journey – the successful scaling of a company, which is vital for their success, is one that comes with many questions. How are leadership teams scaling internal teams, external partnerships and expectations that come from a Board of Directors to ensure long-term success and growth?

In this panel discussion we will hear from those C-Suite leaders whose operational scaling wins have allowed their start-up to grow and thrive. From Chief Executives to those in charge of operations, to those heading up hiring and talent placement, our panelists will sit down to share advice, lessons learned and best practices for this step in a start-up’s journey.

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