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In this half-day session, leaders dig deeper into the topic of “What is the executive presence, and how do I personally show up?” They also consider how best to position themselves so others will listen and notice.

In this program, leaders will:

  • Explore the 15 Qualities of Executive Presence and how they enhance leadership.
  • Learn how to show up as a strategic partner by shifting their mindset and some unintentional behaviors that might be getting in the way.
  • Develop the skills to present and influence others from their perspective rather than from the leader’s point of view.
  • Learn a technique to prepare quickly for difficult conversations and/or resistance.

Key Workshop Elements:

  • Exploring 15 Qualities of Executive Presence raises the bar and affirms ways we can be intentional in showing up as an enterprise leader.
  • Audience Agenda System is a simple yet powerful formula for understanding the interests, needs, objections, and concerns of your audience. The Influence Equation explores how to use this knowledge to influence others better.
  • The Quick Prep Method provides a practical approach to preparing for difficult conversations, presentations, or Q&A. Thinking on Your Feet allows leaders to practice responding to challenging or unanticipated tough questions.
Individual Pricing:
Members: $100
Non-Members: $195

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