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During this half-day session, we’ll delve further into the concept of executive presence and explore how you can embody it personally. We’ll also discuss strategies for effectively positioning yourself to capture the attention and respect of others.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to show up as a strategic partner by shifting your mindset and some unintentional behaviors that might be getting in the way.
  • Develop the skills to present and influence others from their perspective rather than from your point of view.
  • Learn a technique to prepare quickly for difficult conversations and/or resistance.

Key Workshop Elements:

  • 15 Qualities of Executive Presence and how they enhance leadership and affirm ways you can intentionally show up as an enterprise leader.
  • Audience Agenda System is a simple yet powerful formula for understanding your audience’s interests, needs, objections, and concerns. The Influence Equation explores how to use this knowledge to influence others better.
  • The Quick Prep Method provides a practical approach to preparing for difficult conversations, presentations, or Q&A. Thinking on Your Feet allows leaders to practice responding to challenging or unanticipated tough questions.
Individual Pricing:
Members: $100
Non-Members: $195

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