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Join Us For The Inaugural Disruption Summit

The Chicago business community is overflowing with innovation, and entrepreneurs and startups are disrupting the status quo and tapping into new markets. Join Exec Club, Accenture, and Bank of America on June 21, 2023 at the Disruption Summit for cutting-edge ideas, thought leadership, and insights from industry leaders who are driving innovation in the Chicagoland area.

Members: Complimentary
Member Guests: $75
Non-Members: $150

Finding Disruption through Total Enterprise Reinvention

Total Enterprise Reinvention is a deliberate strategy that aims to set a new performance frontier for companies and in most cases, the industries in which they operate. Centered around a strong digital core, it helps drive growth and optimize operations.

Total Enterprise Reinvention isn’t a to do; it’s a to be. It requires continuous, dynamic reinvention. It becomes a unifying force across the C-suite and every function and business area, because, by definition, all are involved and accountable for its success. And it requires new skills and an increased depth of understanding of technology, change management, communication and how to leverage partners to achieve results faster.

Join us as we bring to life how Total Enterprise Reinvention can disrupt and drive operational excellence.

Samardh (Sam) Kumar

Co-Head, Software and Technology Investment Banking, Bank of America

Beth Marrion

Senior Managing Director, Chicago Office Managing Director, Accenture

Sustainability + Disruption Breakout

As organizations navigate the macroeconomic disruptions and ever-changing realities of the economy, they can harness the power of sustainability to anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions, gain a competitive advantage, and create long-term value for stakeholders. By focusing on healthier, inclusive futures for all, companies secure their own futures while innovating for the good of the communities they serve.

Join this session for answers to key questions surrounding sustainability and disruption: How are innovation, long term organizational success, and sustainability linked? In what ways can an organization properly implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to drive innovation and transformation? How does a focus on sustainability give organizations a competitive edge?

Matt Elliott

President, Bank of America Michigan and Sustainability Executive

The Ongoing Technology Revolution Breakout

Disruptive and innovative technology like Generative AI, digital identities, the metaverse, and more are taking the world by storm, and the business sector is not immune to the gravity of these advancements. As the world becomes more acclimated to these new advancements, businesses must seize the opportunities these technologies provide and utilize them to elevate their organizations. By creating integrated systems of digital tools, companies can create resilient, cohesive operations and strategies that will allow for the rapid development of new capabilities.

Learn from Technology Experts who have answers to pressing questions: Why is it urgent for organizations to adopt new technologies? How can an organization create an integrated system of digital tools? What are the true benefits of investing in these resources?

Arnab Chakraborty

North America Data & AI Lead, Accenture

Shivani Vora

North America Managing Director, Accenture

Grassroots Total Enterprise Reinvention – how we can transform communities through SMBs

Startups are often agile and innovative with a high tolerance for risk, while incumbents have established brand recognition, resources, and customer relationships. By collaborating, startups can leverage the resources and scale of incumbents to accelerate their growth, while incumbents can tap into the innovative and disruptive ideas of startups to stay ahead of the competition. Together, the two can disrupt the status quo and transform the way organizations collaborate and operate for the better.

In this closing session, leaders will explore exciting questions about the future of startup and incumbent partnership: What does it take for successful collaboration? What is needed to facilitate true cohesion and collaboration? How can partnerships between startups and incumbents drive innovation for growth and opportunity?

Alex Cestero

Global GSI Strategic Alliance Leader, Stardog

Will Kawalek

Senior Vice President, Technology Partnership Development, Bank of America

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