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In 2020, as our nation and cities reeled from decades of calls to combat racism and social inequity, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion strategies jumped to the front of many executive’s minds. Many companies have begun their journey to understand and implement strategies, however learnings and best practices are still being defined. Many have been left with workplaces where trainings don’t resolve pay inequities, workers are being called out for their lack of knowledge to lead diverse teams, and thousands of dollars are being spent to fix a problem many executives are not trained to truly understand. The journey is different for each organization, company, sector, and executive team, however there are common threads that can be applied for any situation.

Join The Executives’ Club of Chicago and Xavier Ramey, Chief Executive Officer of Justice Informed to discuss how we can continue to move forward. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn more about where we’ve come from, where we are and where we’re headed.

Why you should attend:

  • To grow an understanding of the basic parts of an effective DEI strategy, and how to both engage and define progress along various points in your organizational journey.
  • The opportunity to understand where your company is on their DEI journey and ways you can support your organization’s efforts.
  • Work with other leaders in an intimate learning environment to develop goals both individually and to support your company’s goals.

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