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Join Us For The Inaugural Business Technology Summit

The intersection between business and technology is wide spanning and an integral part of today’s business functions and practices. Join Exec Club and CDW for discussions on business technology trends and best practices between leading industry practitioners at the Business Technology Summit on June 13, 2023.

Members: Complimentary
Member Guests: $75
Non-Members: $150

Opening Session

The current state of cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving threat landscape that presents new challenges for organizations of all sizes and types.

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated, and damaging, with ransomware and other types of threats posing significant risks to businesses and individuals alike. No organization is immune to the challenges these risks pose, and all businesses must work to protect themselves.

What are the most significant cybersecurity threats affecting businesses today? How can organizations adapt to protect themselves? How can organizations leverage new technologies to protect themselves? What does the future of cybersecurity look like?

Shantanoo Govilkar

Vice President – Strategic Solutions, DivIHN Integration Inc.

Geeta Malhotra

Partner, Sidley Austin

Thomas Sinnott


Kyle Weckman

Chief Information Security Officer, Antares Capital

Ron Isbell, Moderator

Chief Information Security Officer, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

New Threats to Everyday Devices Breakout

As the devices and systems we use to conduct our businesses, maintain our health, and live our everyday lives continue to become more connected, the risk of cyber-attacks targeting these tools is on the rise.

From medical devices to power grids, IOT connected systems and devices are the new frontier for cybercriminals. Not only can this upset daily life—it also has serious implications for the business communities that rely on these everyday tools.

How can organizations protect their devices and systems from these kinds of threats? What do these threats look like compared to cybersecurity threats of the past? How does response planning need to change and adapt?

Sam Moyer

Lead, Cybersecurity Engineer, MxD

Saira Harcus

Global Director of Security, Horizon Therapeutics

Lester McCollum II

Chief Information Security Officer, UChicago Medicine

Jeff Siegel, Moderator

Digital Transformations Solutions Director and Vice President, HNTB

Upskilling for Security Breakout

As a variety of threats loom in today’s digital landscape, it has become increasingly crucial for organizations to upskill their employees to respond effectively to security threats.

By investing in employee training programs, organizations can improve their overall security posture, minimize risks, and protect their assets from cyber attacks. A well-trained workforce can also help to identify potential vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before they become major issues, which can save time and resources in the long run.

But where should organizations begin with these trainings? Can employees be expected to navigate this complex system? How CISOs and other security leaders emphasize the importance of upskilling to stakeholders?

Chetan (Che) Bhatia

Managing Director, Cyber Resilience and Engagement Management, Aon

Justin Huff

Managing Director, Cybersecurity, Accenture

Monica Sagrario

Partner/Principal, Technology Consulting, Cyber, EY

Don Bora, Moderator

Co-Founder and Technology Principal, Eight Bit Studios

Closing Session

With the significant cybersecurity challenges presented in the current landscape comes immense opportunity: While cybersecurity risks have never been higher, organizations have the chance to go beyond just protecting themselves and instill resiliency in their operations, strategies, and practices.

By making these investments, companies have the chance to weave resiliency into the fabric of their business, give themselves a competitive advantage, and build a successful and secure future.

Join our closing session to hear how businesses are leading the way and acting on the immense opportunity that comes with the security challenges presented in today’s world.

Jason Warmbir


Sean Scanton, Moderator

Cyber Risk Consultant – FINEX Cyber Risk Solutions, WTW

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