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The 77 Forum:

Growth, Change, Acceleration – buzzwords commonly heard throughout the Chicagoland business community. Yet, when attention turns outside of the city center, discussion of growth, change and acceleration doesn’t stretch our city’s 234 miles. As we continue our ongoing journey toward an equitable Chicago for all, attention should be paid to small, grassroots organizations that are transforming communities throughout Chicago. How are these organizations (often organized within the community) finding a platform and partners wanting to work toward the same transformation? What can leaders in the Chicagoland business community do to not only support these organizations, but learn leadership, organizational and messaging lessons that can be applied to their own business? How are these leaders viewing partnerships with the business community?

Join us for an exciting hour where we’ll bring together some of the leaders and organizers of these organizations as they sit down with Dahleen Glanton, Senior Advisor, Kivvit to discuss how they’ve achieved success in transforming our city, what lessons they’ve learned along the way and how the business community can serve to further these important initiatives.

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