The Executives' Club Of Chicago

Financial Services



Wayne Busch
Managing Director – Financial Services, North America

The Financial Services Forum brings together senior level executives across industries whose area of expertise within their organization is finance, and those in finance-related services/sectors. This forum setting allows these professionals to discuss best practices, trends, the impact of politics and the economy on business, banking, investing and other financial and market issues. Recent topics include the intersection between the economy and politics, consumer data, benefits management and the role of finance in today's technology space.

Typically, this forum includes:

  • Banking executives
  • Audit partners
  • Chief financial officers
  • Chief auditors
  • Global auditors
  • Senior-level accountants
  • Finance directors
  • Wealth advisers


Contact Pauline Gebczak at 312-924-3774 to register for an upcoming event or learn more about this forum.