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Chicago's premier membership organization and business forum. For more than one hundred years, The Club has been a valued resource for Chicago’s business leaders.

Best Practices Roundtable: Onboarding and Talent Retention

The career lifecycle of someone entering the workforce today differs greatly from those implementing the policies to train and retain these workers. According to the 2019 Akumina Millennial Manager Workplace Survey, the majority of workers under 40 share the belief that frequent job change has advanced their careers. There are many reasons why these workers are comfortable with “job hopping”; whether it is increased compensation, a better cultural fit, or improved work-life integration, employers must understand and adapt to these attitudes in order to thrive.

The speed and frequency at which this generation of workers are switching jobs demands a change in how organizations onboard new workers, manage culture, and preserve and share institutional knowledge. What are some of the best practices you can employ to ensure your organization succeeds in a dynamic environment that embraces new talent? Join us on December 10th for a roundtable discussion on how you can embrace changes in your talent strategy.

Brad Smith

Tools and Weapons: A Conversation with Microsoft President Brad Smith

Tech companies have moved fast to manifest the great promise of digital transformation, chasing rapid growth and sometimes disruption as an end in itself. The world has turned information technology into both a powerful tool and a formidable weapon, and today we are at an inflection point. Enormous challenges such as privacy, cybercrime and cyberwar, social media, the moral conundrums of AI, big tech’s relationship to inequality, and effects on democracy, come with no existing playbook.

Microsoft’s Brad Smith believes that when your technology changes the world, you bear a responsibility to help address the world you played a part in creating. Tech companies and governments must work together to address the challenges and adapt to the changes technology has unleashed. And governments will need to regulate technology by moving faster and catching up with the pace of innovation that is impacting our communities and changing the world.

Don’t miss this provocative, compelling conversation that addresses some of the thorniest issues faced by industry and society today. How can the hopes technology offers be protected against the very real threats it also presents?

Elaine Wynn

A Conversation with Elaine Wynn and Mellody Hobson

Join the Executives’ Club of Chicago as we welcome the "Queen of Las Vegas” for a frank conversation with one of our city's most successful businesswomen, Mellody Hobson, co-CEO of Ariel Investments.

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The Executives’ Club of Chicago is dedicated to developing the next generation of business leaders.  The Club's leadership development programs are designed to follow business executives through the leadership life cycle from early career development to senior executive level.  Each program is uniquely customized to meet the needs of individual executives.

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Take advantage of joining The Club’s forums—your best bet for networking, peer-to-peer engagement, and getting the most value out of your membership. If you are a Club member interested in participating, please register for one of our forum events.

Talent Development Forum: Best Practices Roundtable: Onboarding and Talent Retention
December 10, 2019

Business Technology Forum: Tools and Weapons: A Conversation with Microsoft President Brad Smith
December 18, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: Navigating the Corporate Social Responsibility Landscape
January 30, 2020

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The Executives' Club of Chicago is one of the country's premier executive membership development and networking organizations. For more than 100 years, The Club has served as a platform for senior leaders to build relationships, share ideas, develop new business opportunities and participate in world-class programming.