The Executives' Club Of Chicago

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Episode 003 - Deryl McKissack, CEO and President of McKissack & McKissack

:22 Intro to Deryl

1:10 Family History

4:13: Early career experiences and what they meant for larger decisions.

10:00: Racial biases in early career stages from Deryl

12:18: What was the first big break for Deryl?

17:25: Chicago landscape and what role the city plays for Deryl

19:09: Deryl discusses trajectory of local Chicago projects

21:24: What makes Chicago great for doing business and what makes it a challenge?

23:40: Discussion about the racial gaps in moving toward equity in Chicago

26:10: Discussion of stakeholder and project management

28:32: Purpose in leadership

31:23: What would you have changed as you scaled your business up?

32:04: Discussion of the importance of diversity through mentors

33:55: Giving all members of the team a seat at the table to come up with possible solutions to problems.

42:53: Opportunity to shift the architecture industry

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