The Executives' Club Of Chicago

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Episode 002 - Joe Mansueto, Executive Chairman and Founder, Morningstar

:55 – What led Joe to Chicago

3:05 – Where did entrepreneurial spirit come from

5:20 – Discussion of application to business school and initial work life

7:00 – Joe meets Warren Buffett

7:45 – What triggered the launch of Morningstar

10:25 – What Joe did during early years of Morningstar to gain momentum and set the company on the right course

12:40 – Joe’s  ‘learn fast’ experience

14:15 – Succession plan discussion

15:40 – Discussion of running family office 

17:15 – Composition of the family portfolio  - passion projects

20:25 – Ted Lasso and what the show has meant during the pandemic

21:44 – What’s different about the business of running a sports team? 

24:25 – Joe’s investments in the city. 

28:45 – Architecture/design and how it impacted the design of Morningstar

30:35 – Equity in Chicago and improving the city

35:30 – The importance of civic engagement through entrepreneurship 

39:25 – Biggest point of pride

40:45 – Morning ritual

42:30 – Sleep habits and the importance of sleep

43:25 – Business book recommendations

44:45  - Thoughts on leadership

Joe's Recommended Books:
Why We Sleep
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Reports
The Ride of a Lifetime
What it Takes, Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence

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