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The Talent Development Forum is for executives who lead human resources, employee management, and talent acquisition and development. Interests include strategic workforce planning as part of the talent value chain, discussions around current hiring trends, and the use of analytics to aid in the recruitment and retention of talent.

The Talent Development Forum also invests time in discussing best practices as they relate to diversity and inclusion policies and creating a company culture that is reflective of and welcoming to the community in which you operate.

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The Talent Development Forum is the place for those wanting to engage in conversations surrounding:

  • Onboarding and retaining talent in a virtual world
  • How leaders should be thinking about managing, communicating, and leading in a hybrid work environment
  • Leading from a place of empathy and understanding during times of crisis
  • Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices when it comes to hiring and talent retention
  • How leaders can think about activating change through intentional leadership


Curious who else is in the room for Talent Development Forum events? You’ll find a diverse group of leaders including:

  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Diversity And Inclusion Officers
  • Wellness Managers
  • Privacy Officers
  • Chief Talent Officers

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