The Executives' Club Of Chicago

Marketing, Communications and Sales


Renee Bukowski

Amy Littleton

Renee Borkowski
Managing Director
Accenture Interactive

Amy Littleton
Executive Vice President & Managing Director

The Marketing and Communications Forum seeks to explore technology trends disrupting the sales and marketing industry, best practices in global marketing, and establishing a cohesive personal and corporate brand.  This Forum encompasses long-standing industry leaders, up and coming advertising agencies, and creative executives responsible for storytelling Chicago’s most iconic brands.  

Join us if you are: 

  • Chief Marketing Officers 

  • Chief Communications Officers 

  • Public Relations Managers 

  • Media Consultants 

  • Advertising Executives/Consultants 

  • Business Development Officers 


Contact Megan Cicurel at 312-924-3774 to register for an upcoming event or learn more about this forum.