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As the Chicagoland region continues to see manufacturers and supply chain hubs develop in the area, the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum gathers around issues such as workforce training, logistics and supply chain management, agriculture, and trade.

Employing over 9% of the Illinois workforce and producing over $100 billion in total output, the manufacturing industry continues to grow and evolve. Emerging technologies, automation and innovation ventures, and increased capital have all led to growth in the manufacturing sector and optimization of workflow.

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The Manufacturing and Supply-Chain Forum was launched in the summer of 2020. It’s for those who find themselves wanting to learn more about:

  • What leadership and leveraging the unique talents of Chicago as a manufacturing hub can mean for the future of the industry
  • How supply chain leaders can mitigate risk and prepare their companies for external threats such as climate emergencies, cybersecurity hacks, and geopolitical conflicts

Manufacturing and Supply-Chain are ever-growing industries. This Forum brings together a diverse group of leaders including:

  • Supply Chain Management Officers
  • Chief Distribution Officers
  • Chief Design Officers
  • Head of Building, Construction, Infrastructure Systems
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers

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