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The Executives’ Club’s International Business Forum provides members a space for exploration and learning on international trends in global business. From international growth and expansion to global employee hiring and retention, this Forum explores how these worldwide transactions affect the Chicago business community.

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International Business is an ever-evolving entity. This Forum is for those who find themselves wanting to learn more about:

  • How firms with globally dispersed teams can think about leveraging innovation to expand operations and plan for the future
  • The ways in which digital transformation and data analytics can allow businesses to rethink employee productivity and engagement globally
  • What the passing of the USMCA agreement meant for the agricultural and manufacturing industries, and how the future of free trade is changing
  • What the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us about the importance of human capital and how the international business community is reacting to and restructuring travel, interpersonal meetings, and technological communications in the new normal

Curious who is in the room for these important conversations? With an expansive lens, the International Business Forum brings together a diverse group of leaders including:

  • Consul Generals
  • Global Operations Professionals
  • Vice Presidents of Trade
  • Strategy and Business Development Executives
  • International Banking Presidents
  • Global Supply Chain Managers
  • Global Chiefs of Staff

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