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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Spotlight

With a focus on best practices for innovative endeavors and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum has found increasing importance in the Chicagoland business community as the city has evolved. With more start-ups choosing Chicago and its talent pool as a hub for budding ideas and businesses, the Forum creates a space for these ideas and influencers to cross-pollinate. 

Attracting CEOs, founders, start-up leaders, and corporate disruptors, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum’s previous events have included a virtual tour of Fast Radius, Start-Up Round Tables, and topics like Creating a Culture of Innovating, Seeing Signals of Change and more.

Co-Chair Brent Ross, a Partner at Kearney, notes that he “got involved out of [his] passion for value-enhancing design, as the Innovation Forum seemed like a good place to talk to other like-minded leaders in the Chicago business community.”

For Michael Stoker, Partner at Baker McKenzie and fellow Co-Chair of the Forum, the engagement of those in the Forum throughout COVID-19 “has played a vital role in keeping business leaders in the Chicago area connected in a way that facilitates collegial interaction while at the same time providing us with an opportunity to learn about emerging issues impacting our community.”

Both Brent and Michael highlight how The Club and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum have allowed, as Brent puts it, “opportunities to step out of the daily (Zoom) meeting treadmill and focus on new approaches, technologies, and companies shaping our region.”

If you’d like more information about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, contact Justin Berkowitz, Forums and Content Manager. 

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