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Eric Sedler
Managing Partner

In a world where civic responsibility and social leadership are considered a core element of modern business, The Executives’ Club of Chicago’s Civic Affairs Forum creates a platform for members who engage with civic and community life in the Chicagoland area. This Forum convenes leaders in the non-profit, foundation, local government agencies, and higher education sectors to connect and share best practices with those in the private sector in order to drive engagement in the Chicago community. For those serving and partnering with these civic organizations in the greater Chicagoland area, join us as we celebrate the impact and potential of civic leadership in Chicago.

This Forum serves as a space for discussion on how civic responsibility meets a business landscape where engagement with local organizations is more paramount than ever before.

Civic Affairs is a diverse, ever-changing sector. Curious who will be in the room for these conversations? If you’re a:

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Partnerships
  • Director of Community Engagement or Affairs
  • Director of Corporate Relations
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of External Affairs
  • At or affiliated with a Non-Profit, Local Government or Civic organization.

Then this Forum is for you!

Want to join this Forum?

Contact Justin Berkowitz, Forums and Content Manager to learn more or register for an upcoming event.