Group Mentorship

For more than a decade, The Club has been recognized for convening the country's largest executive mentorship program for members under forty. These talented young leaders meet regularly with some of Chicagoland's top senior executives. The Leadership Circle's Group Mentorship Program aims to be the premier leadership mentorship program for developing the diverse future leaders of the Chicago business and civic communities by providing its emerging leaders exclusive access to the intellectual capital of seasoned senior executives within The Club.

The Group Mentorship format consists of two senior leaders per approximately ten mentees, who meet regularly throughout the year in small group settings. Each mentee group is comprised of emerging leaders under 40 from various industries, functions and experience levels. Mentors and Mentees in the mentorship program must be members of The Executives' Club of Chicago.

For more information on the Group Mentorship Program, please contact Brett Taylor, Leadership Development Manager, at

Group Mentorship Application Forms
Mentor Application
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Mentee Application
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